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About Us

bi-plast adana, ek plastik boru parça imalat ve üretimi

Bi-plast Plastik company established in 2010 by two mechanical engineers.

The company serves the plastic pipes and fittings market with the sales of products which are identical with the Turkish and International (TS, EN, ISO, DIN) standards and producing PPRC and PVC pipes & fittings under the CE license.  

bi-plast Plastik quality certifications:  ISO 9001:2008 and OHSAS 18001:2007, besides the company has the capability to get the desired basis certification for countries like GOST, SASO…etc.

bi-plast Plastik attracts the attention of the dealers and the technical service organizations for its quality and its wide range of products variety. Customers satisfaction is very important for bi-plast Plastik, and with its organized technical service and the sales support department, the company can fulfill all customer’s requirements and demands.

bi-plast Plastik exports 80% of its annual production volume from the PPRC and PVC to different countries with the best quality and on-time delivery.  bi-plast Plastik successfully cooperates with many clients and exports its own products to 27 countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Iraq, Cyprus, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, …etc.